ABQ Coronavirus Resource Catalog
At-home activities and learning / Actividades y aprendizaje en casa
"Kids only" TV, library card required
Scholastic Classroom Magazines
20 days free access to Scholastic Learn at Home magazines
275+ enrichment activities for children while caregivers are working remotely
Daily lessons for students in grades K-5 on TV and YouTube
PBS Kids
Educational videos and games
NM Public Education Department
Enriquecimiento Académico Para Familias
NM Parents Collaborative Resources
Facebook group with lots of resources and ideas for activities
Amazing Educational Resources
Free educational resources and (if you want) a Facebook group
Mystery Science (K-5th)
Free science lessons for elementary age
PBS Learning Media
Interactive lessons for all grades
NM Public Education Department
Learning Tool Kit for families - free online resources
ABC Public Library
Libraries are closed but you can access digital resources
Math activities for middle school
Albuquerque Public Schools
Resource page to support learning at home
Teacher (Mrs. Fahrney)
Virtual field trips: Online learning opportunities from around the world
Google Arts & Culture
Virtual tours of National Parks
NM Game & Fish
Wildlife Curriculum for New Mexico